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De(ck)sk Organizer

This desk organizer or De(ck)sk Organizer is made of a piece of an old skateboard deck. It has all kinds of slots for different desk utencils. Different size holes for: pencils, pens, USB stick, SD cards, eraser, scissors, markers and a mobile phone! It even holds your phone in landscape mode for viewing movies or charging.

Skateboard recycling is not a new thing. Over the past years more and more people who are mostly skateboarders start recycling their old used skateboard decks. Most glue boards together to make a flat material out of it. With this flat piece of wood you could make anything. Slinger Made tries to find applications in which the specific characteristics of a skateboard are used instead of hided. The curve/concave in the middle section of the board is used in this product for example. It gives extra height to the product that allows more room to play with slots for specific items. A smarphone wouldn't have the support it needs to stand in a flat piece of wood with the thickness of 1 board.

Since the wood layers of skateboards differ in color, so do these De(ck)sk Organizers!

€ 35,00 EUR