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Skateboard Deck Wall Mount

Skateboard decks are not only used to skate on but also to hang as art on the wall. Old used skateboards or brand new ones with a nice print. A blanc skateboard deck has became an alternative to a painters canvas.

To give your favorite board the attention it deserves, Slinger Made developed this Wall Mount.
With this system your skateboard deck hangs a little bit of the wall, and parallel to the wall.

Why not with a nail and a wire against the wall?
Because a skateboard deck has concave (curves) the shape conflicts with a flat wall. This makes it harder to attach it to to the wall and wierd shadows appear on the wall.

The Wall Mount package comes with al the parts needed and a assembly manual to guide you through the easy steps of hanging it to the wall. The only thing you need besides the package is a drill to make a hole in the wall and a screwdriver to attach the mount to it. 2 Wall Mounts are needed for horizontal hanging of the board.

€ 20,00 EUR