Huub Slinger

designer / artist  with a technical background

Always searching for the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.



Industrieel Design Engineering (HBO bachelor) completed in 2012


5 year as Product Design Engineer at TH&P and De Vorm

Skate For Coen Foundation

co founder/board member/designer

Skateboard Filmer

from hobbyist to professional in the past 10 years

Skatepark Builder

freelance skatepark builder since 2022

Slinger Made

founder and owner since 2021

Specialization I

Skatepark Concept Design

Skateparks used to be part of playground equipment supplier portfolios. Nowadays, the construction of skateparks has become a specialty. Slinger Made goes one step further and offers independent design of skateparks.

For Who?

Anybody who needs to get their skatepark project of the ground.
For example:
A busy contractor that wants to participate in a tender.
Or a munincipality to quickly steer a skatepark project in the right direction.

The Design Process

Equipped with the requirements and wishes, the terrain is analyzed from several angles. The best design options are sought by going through a sketching phase. A challenging but exciting puzzle that results in an optimal skatepark layout suggestion.

2D on purpose!

An amazing 3D model of the design is nice for sure. But unnecessary in the early stages of a design trajectory. One could say it is a waste of time. 2D sketching allows for quickly comparing options and making adjustments.

Rendered into a appealing top view sketch, this design is an ideal tool to speed up the skatepark creation process. It allows involved parties to quickly shoot comments and ideas at an already feasable design.


A price offer based on square meters.
The bigger the terrain, the more design options are possible. So more square meters means more design work.
Any other requests will be offered a price based on an hourly rate.

Request an offer

soon available in this category:

3D modeling;

3D rendering

Specialization II

Illustration - Skateheads

Slinger Made needed an alter ego to give more products more character and context. The Skatehead was born. With wheels as eyes, an skatetruck aluminium nose and a skatewood body. Thé character of a skater!

It's uses

This illustration character is not only a playful addition to the Slinger Made branding but also a person for hire.

For example:
Do you have a event coming up thats in need of some rad illustrations?
Or are you looking to collaborate on a graphic?

Lets discuss options!


Are you looking for something else?
You may find something similar among the categories listed below.

Logo Design

An art painter is not a corporate multinational but an individual with a personal style.

This logo communicates her most known work within her own handwriting.
A logo that was created by working together.

Skateboard Recycling

In the past 10 years skateboard recycling has grown. All over the world creative people use old skateboards to create beatiful items.

A niche in which I can challenge myself as a product designer.

Skateboard Video

Video is thé medium for skateboarders to showcase their abilities. The skateindustry leans on it.

Succesfully capturing skateboarding thats up to industry standards requires very specific skills. Not just the ability to operate a camera but also extensive knowledge of skating and the right way of communicating with the skater.

Product Design

Solving a problem by creation or turning a idea into a reality.
A process that usually goes through these phases:
• research
• ideation
• materialisation
• prototyping
• production

A very strategic process of diverging and converging at the right time.

Skateboard Relief Sculptures (no paint!)

In the search for good uses of skateboards as a material,
the idea came  to create a colorful scuptures by strategically exposing the colored wood layers of a board by carving through its layers.

a time-consuming, precise and soothing process that requires some reverse thinking.
What imaga can be created with the colors already present in a specific board. So no color/paint is added in the entire process.

Skatepark Construction

The construction of modern outdoor skateparks requires traditional concrete methods but also some very specific manual work skills. Mud-Crew took me under their wing on a couple of skatepark builds.

Project Video

In a series of 3 episodes, Janos and Huub join Mud-Crew on a skatepark building adventure in Curaçao.

An experimental type of video somwhere in between vlog, documentary, travel and skate video.


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