Skateboarding Art & Design
by Huub Slinger
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A design studio focused on skateboarding.
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A studio and a brand?

The urge to create within or linked to the skateboard world laid the foundation for Slinger Made. A design studio that works on commission but also launches its own products, as traditional skatebrands do.

Skate & Re Create

More than 10 years ago a video segment ran on skateboard platform The Berrics, that pushed skaters to use a select couple of  shaped obstacles in the most creative ways. It was called 'Skate & Create'.
A phrase that perfectly fits Slinger Made. Especially when a reference to recycling gets squeezed in there!


After a board breaks or gets too beat up it is still a very high quality type of multiplex. It even has colors and curves! A shame to just throw away. Let's give them a second life!

Slinger Made is experimenting with two things:
1. Designing products that make sense to be created from old skateboards. More of these products are coming to the shop!
2. A deposit system to stimulate returning broken and old boards. The first board with a deposit on it is coming to the shop. Following Slinger Made boards will probably all have deposit on it.  





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