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I just wanted to skate and venture into the creative world of skateboarding

After finishing my product design education I worked as a product designer for several years. Bisedes this I spent a lot of time skateboarding and exploring the arts of the skateboard world. Photography, filming, art, etc. Doing all these things at the same time was fun but it exhausted me. I had to focus my energy! Skateboard recycling was getting more and more popular at that time. And honestly it felt like it could be done better!


Skateboarders are a creative breed of people that have already ventured into the world of recycling. More and more small businesses pop up of those who like to ride but also like to create and be kind to the world. After collecting boards from their local scene they drill, saw, glue and sand the boards to convert them into new products.

A beauytiful thing. Growing up in the age of mass production and mass consumption it's nice to see craftsmen and women re-appear and put more value to quality instead of quantity!

How can we use the characteristics of an old skateboard deck to it's fullest potential?

Skateboard are usually made from 7 layers of high grade maple wood. Several of these layers are colored when made into skateboards. Glued together they can become any wooden object we know. Beautiful coloured fancy items. This is great but I think used skateboard decks might have a better purpose. The concave for example. We can put a lot of efford in flattening the wood to make straight items but it makes more sense to actually use this curve.


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